Elevate Your Voice Through Video

The International Trade Council (ITC) is excited to offer an exclusive opportunity for our esteemed members to amplify their expertise and gain significant exposure by participating in our video initiative. We’re seeking thought leaders like you to create short, impactful videos right from the comfort of your home or office. These videos are aimed at debunking common myths within your industry, providing you with a platform to share your insights and clarify misconceptions.

The Concept: Debunking Industry Myths

Our initiative revolves around “debunking” videos. You’ll be provided with widespread misconceptions about your sector. Your task is to address these statements, offering your expert opinion on their validity and shedding light on the reasons behind these common beliefs. This format not only engages the audience but also positions you as a key opinion leader in your field.

Why Participate?

  • Enhanced Recognition: Achieve global acknowledgment as a thought leader.
  • Broad Exposure: Share your knowledge across several social media platforms, including the International Trade Council and the Supply Chain Report reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands.
  • Content Repurposing: You can also utilize the videos on your own digital platforms, augmenting your content strategy.
  • Community Contribution: Assist in educating the ITC community and the wider audience, thereby enriching the industry’s knowledge base.
  • Myth Dispelling: Play a pivotal role in clarifying misconceptions, fostering a better understanding of your industry.

Suggested Script Framework

“Hello, I’m [Your Name] from [Your Company], collaborating with the International Trade Council to dispel some prevalent myths about [Your Industry].”

You will then read the first question aloud to the camera and then providing your insights and clarifications.

This will repeat up for up to 6 questions which you will pre-agree with the ITC.

Conclude with a strong closing statement, expressing anticipation for future engagement.

The Simple Process:

  1. Coordination: Discuss and finalize a list of myths to debunk with your trade commissioner, or receive a prepared list tailored to your industry.
  2. Access to Recording Link: Submit your video here.
  3. Recording Setup: Upon accessing the link, choose the “Camera” option and set your video quality to 2k for optimal clarity.
  4. Recording & Submission: Follow the prompts to start recording. With unlimited attempts available, you can ensure your final submission is perfect.

By joining this initiative, you not only elevate your personal and company’s brand but also contribute significantly to the enrichment of the industry’s knowledge pool. This is your chance to influence perceptions, share invaluable insights, and connect with a global audience. We eagerly await your participation and are excited to see how your expertise will help reshape industry narratives.

This service is provided at no charge to ITC members.