Clean Your Email List – 10000 Emails



Email verification service. Clean your email address list for a higher deliverability, more conversions and lower cost.

Protect your reputation.

Wrong email addresses hurt your sending reputation. Bad reputation means fewer emails delivered to the inbox. Validating your email list protects your reputation which in turn increases your delivery rate.

We will clean your email list for the following:

  • Spam trap removal – Gets rid of sketchy emails that could be a Spam trap.
  • Remove syntax errors – Typographical errors can cause problems with your newsletter database.
  • Risk validator – Scans for high-risk keywords and shady TLDs.
  • MTA validations – Checks whether a Mail Transfer Agent has a valid MX record.
  • Disposable email checker – Identifies free email accounts that are for masking real email addresses.
  • Domain validation – Removes all emails containing invalid domains.
  • Complainers verify – Eliminates all email addresses matching the complainer database.
  • Syntax verifier – Checks for any invalid syntaxes and immediately removes them.
  • Real-time bounding – Sends untraceable emails to any address which can’t be validating using other methods.


  1. Order and pay for the service
  2. Send the receipt to together with the file you want us to check
  3. We will check and clean the list within 3-7 working days (depending on the list size)


If the file is over 2megabytes please upload to google drive or dropbox and send us the link instead. Please DO NOT EMAIL LARGE FILES!