Construction Purchase Order Template



Getting suppliers and contractors on board quickly is important in any construction project. Failing to do so could mean missing a schedule date. Many suppliers and contractors will require a construction purchase order be issued to them in order to clarify the details of the product being requested. But what is a purchase order and how can it be used?

A construction purchase order is a document that is issued to a supplier or vendor indicating that you are purchasing a specific product or products. The purchase order typically outlines the products, quantities of products and delivery details for the vendor. When issuing purchase orders it’s important to number them to quickly reference them in the future.

To simplify the purchase order process we’ve created this purchase order template for you to download and use on your construction projects. The construction purchase order template is based on a spreadsheet forma (we’ve used Microsoft Excel to create it) and offers a number of fields for your use:

  • Company Name
  • Project Name
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Delivery Details
  • Item being purchased including name, quantity, cost, cost per unit, unit type and total cost
  • Multiple items can be tracked on this purchase order template

Save time when issuing your purchase orders by using this construction purchase order template today.