Construction Time and Material Template



Change are an inevitable part of any construction project. One of the common ways to approach changes is through using the time and material approach to the work. What is time and material for tracking changes on a construction site and when is it used?

Time and material is used on construction project to track changes that are urgent. Sometimes the contractor won’t have time to fully price out a change due to it’s urgency. Proceeding under time and material means that the subcontractor tracks the time spent and the materials used in completing the change.

Using a log to keep track of expenses during a time and material change is important. By using a log it will allow you to list the materials and hours used each day. Contractors typically require daily or weekly sign off by supervisors to ensure the information on the sheets is accurate.

This time and material template provides you with:

  • Construction Project name and number
  • Date
  • Change reference
  • Time tracking (labour)
  • Material tracking
  • Total and markup

This template works with all modern spreadsheet softwares. Track your time and material changes properly on your construction project with this construction template.