Construction Workers Hourly Labour Timecard Template



  • Track hourly labour consistently across your team and company
  • Help your accountants with standards
  • Avoid confusion on the amounts workers are getting paid

Tracking hourly labour is crucial to ensure that you’re not getting taking advantage of on a construction project. I have personally seen that when people are left to report their own time things can quickly get out of hand as you grow.

A weekly timecard from each of your hourly employees can help to maintain consistency and help you to analyze the efficiency of your worker.

This Microsoft Excel hourly construction timecard template will help you track and monitor your hourly workforce.

Fields include:

  • Project Number
  • Project Name
  • Task
  • Number of Hours
  • Totals
  • Person Name
  • Company Name
  • Auto Calculating Days (fill in the yellow date only)

Track your labour more effectively with this hourly timecard template.