Corporate Formality Forms & Templates



This valuable reference contains authoritative and understandable legal forms that are fully customisable and have been written in clear and understandable language. Concise, straightforward instructions tell you when the forms are necessary, how to prepare them correctly, and what the legal effect of each form will be.

Forms within this archive:

  • 1244 Stock Approval by Board
  • Board of Directors Meeting, Agenda
  • Borrowing Resolution for a Corporation
  • Business Trust
  • By Laws, Approval by Board
  • Bylaws
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Board Acceptance
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate, Corporate Secretary’s
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  • Consent Legend for Private Shares
  • Corporation Setup, Various Board Approvals
  • Demand for a Directors Meeting
  • Demand for a Shareholders Meeting
  • Director Indemnity Agreement
  • Director’s Proxy
  • Incorporator Action, Initial
  • Incorporator’s Waiver, Board approval
  • Minutes of a Special Directors Meeting
  • Minutes of a Special Shareholders Meeting
  • Minutes of Annual Shareholder Meeting
  • Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
  • Notice of Meeting
  • Presentation of Stock Notice
  • Proxy
  • Purchase or Sale of Real Estate Corp. Authorization
  • Receipt of Share Certificate
  • Sales and Use Tax Exemption
  • Shareholder Meeting, Agenda
  • Shareholder, New–Assumption Agreement
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Stock Subscription Agreement, Pre Incorporation
  • Unanimous Consent, Directors Annual Meeting
  • Unanimous Consent, Shareholders in place of Anl Mting
  • Unanimous Written Consent of Directors in place of the First