EIN Number Obtainment – Standard Processing Time



Register for your EIN for LLC established in the USA (any state).

This is for FOREIGNERS. No SSN needed to apply for your business EIN. No ITIN needed to apply for your business EIN.

IRS standard processing timeline is approximately 45 working days. It can take longer than 45 working days depending on the IRS backlogs, the current challenges with the Coronavirus pandemic, and short-staffing within the IRS. There is no way to “speed up” the process after application.

The IRS receives the applications and processes them in the order they are received. Once they receive the application and assign the EIN they will send us the letter. We will scan that letter and email it to you.

Information Needed After Order:

Please email ein@tradecouncil.org  with your:

  1. Certificate of formation of your USA LLC
  2. Operating agreement for your LLC
  3. Proof of identity (passport) of all shareholders
  4. Address and phone number of all shareholders
  5. Tell us the type of tax registration you require (sole member – disregarded entity – or C-Corp).