The Essential Guide To Running Your Construction Project



The leading book on how to run a construction project the right way

In this informative guide on how to run a construction project, an industry veteran breaks down the most common questions and processes on a project without complicating the issues.

For the last few decades the construction industry has not been receptive to change and sharing information. We need to make major changes to the way we do business. Creator of the Essential Construction network – Kyle Parry is setting out to effect the way we do business. In this guide he tells it like it is – cutting through complex mechanisms to explain complex procedures and processes.

In The Essential Guide to Running Your Construction Project – Parry walks through the various components of a construction project covering subjects such as preparing a construction estimate, managing the submittal and change process and dives deep into site issues such as preparing a temporary electrical plan and challenges related to renovating a heritage building. Each of the issues is covered in a simple, no bullsh** approach.

There are only so many ways to screw up a construction project and by reading this book you will learn many of the ways to keep yours on track.

Start changing the way you manage projects, save yourself time and embarrassing mistakes.