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Trackabi is employee monitoring, time tracking, and leave management software leveraging the gamification approach to make dull things fun. Trackabi has been offering its services starting from 2018. Since then, the Trackabi team has grown its customer base immensely and keeps adding more valuable features.

Trackabi includes a web version, a desktop application for Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as a mobile application for iOS and Android. Trackabi is an excellent instrument for freelancers, distributed teams, service providers billing by the hour, and other businesses that want to improve employee productivity or work on time-sensitive projects.

Key features

  • Desktop timer application for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The desktop timer application allows tracking time manually or automatically based on user activity. It can capture screenshots and generate a log of used applications and opened browser tabs. All data harvested by the timer is available in the web version for further processing and analysis.
  • Mobile application with GPS tracking. The mobile application lets users track time and their location coordinates.
  • Gamification of time tracking. Playing a time tracking game is better than solely tracking time. With Trackabi, employees can gain achievements and earn karma points, thus increasing motivation and engagement.
  • Highly Customizable Timesheets. Users can edit Trackabi timesheets like spreadsheets in Excel. There are many customization options such as data columns to display, mandatory fields, additional custom fields, etc.
  • Employee Leave Management Integrated with Timesheets. Personal day-off calendar for every employee and a company leave schedule with the request/approval process. Plus, timesheets can include scheduled leaves to make it easier for managers to ensure data is always complete.
  • Customizable Time Reports. Time reports based on timesheet data and user settings can be shared through external links, exported to Excel or PDF, and used to generate invoices.
  • Invoicing & Payments. The Invoicing section provides means to manage invoices and deliver them to clients. Users can create invoices manually from scratch or generate them based on time reports. Trackabi also allows tracking payments and overdue invoices.
  • Project Plans & Estimates. Project plans with milestones, tasks, and subtasks allow bottom-up time and budget estimating. Plus, they enable matching estimated amounts against actual data from employee timesheets.
  • User Access Roles. The system supports advanced user access roles based on editable privileges. In addition, every user may access multiple company accounts — join a company as an employee and create his company account utilizing the same username.
  • Client Access. Clients may access saved time reports, invoices, and timesheets related to their projects. It helps a client to keep an eye on the time spent by his contractor and control expenses.
  • Git Commits Import. Importing commits from Git and converting them into timesheet entries is an excellent feature for software developers.
    • Informative Dashboards. A bird-eye view dashboard shows timesheet summaries, employee absence days, and daily alerts about incomplete timesheets.
  • Company Data Insights. Detailed overview of daily employee activity showing time spent at his workplace, time added to a timesheet, applications used, idle time, screenshots, opened applications log, etc.
  • Timesheets Locking. The timesheet locking option can be used to prevent employees from adding, modifying, or deleting their time entries during a specific period.
Qualification criteria:
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