Construction Quantity Takeoff Template



When you receive a set of drawings, the first step in estimating is performing a quantity takeoff. It can be a timely process that is very prone to errors. One way of avoiding such errors is by using a spreadsheet to track the values being arrived at. What is a quantity takeoff and how does a spreadsheet benefit you.

A quantity takeoff forms a fundamental part of the estimating process. It develops the quantities of materials and products on a project so that a value can be assigned to them.

A spreadsheet or template for quantity takeoffs is useful because quantity takeoffs require logging lots of information. It also helps speed up the calculation process as it automates many of the calculations you would typically perform with a calculator. 

This template is a spreadsheet which can be used with all modern softwares including Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Open Office. It includes the following:

  • Item
  • Item description
  • Count
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

The spreadsheet can also calculate the following:

  • Count
  • Length (Perimeter)
  • Area
  • Volume

Save time on your quantity take-offs and estimates by using this construction quantity takeoff template today.