Visitor Sign In Log Template



A construction site is a busy place. With people coming in and out of the jobsite regularly it’s important to keep track of who’s on site and who isn’t. A visitor sign in log is an important component of that process. What is the visitor sign in process and how can it be improved with a log?

The visitor sign in process on a construction site is used to keep track of people who enter and exit your project. Workers who attend site regularly are tracked via their foreman and companies, but visitors are not. A visitor sign in log is typically placed at the front of the jobsite and allows guest to identify themselves when entering.

The visitor sign in log is useful, because in the event of an emergency you have a list of everyone on site that is not a regular. You can than track those people down to ensure they are safe. Having it at the front of the project ensures it is readily available and accessible.

This visitor sign in log includes a number of fields that are useful for your team:

  • Person’s Name
  • Company
  • Who they are visiting
  • Cell number
  • Time In
  • Time Out
  • Initials

This template is a spreadsheet meaning it should work in most modern day softwares including google sheets, excel and open office.

Start making your construction site safer today with this visitor sign in log template.